Letaron power supply are fully focusing on the

development of LED drivers, transformers, ballasts

to power the lighting systems with our latest

technologies and solutions. 

You can find varieties of products from our Power

Supply including Constant current LED drivers,

Constant Voltage LED drivers, transformers, as

well as dimming LED drivers.


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Our Residential Lighting is specialized in a wide

range of residential lighting products with great-design

and quality for any different indoor applications. We are

not just offering you with our lighting products, but also

a smart home.

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LETARON Caravan Lighting is dedicated to

provide our customers with intelligent and

innovative caravan lighting products, making the

caravan voyage as sweet and ease as at home.

Excellent pre-sales and after-sales service has

always been our tenets throughout whole

Letaron group. 



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LETARON Commercial Lighting is cultivating

on providing a complete lighting solutions to our

customers. With the professionalism and know-how

of our commercial lighting, we are offering the

lighting solutions with minimal glare,maximum

brightness, great efficiency and the ultimate



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LETARON Biological Lighting is focused on

biological lighting system. With the progress of

modern society,we are making a breakthrough to

the contributions for energy saving, environmental

protection & efficiency , health care, providing

people with greener and healthier living

environment. Benefit to the humanity, benefit to

the Earth.


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As a part of LETARON Group, Smart System has

very early input on the application of office lighting, car

park lighting, Smart home system as well as

agriculture lighting of which, the enriched experiences

of integration of smart systems into lighting products

became unparalleled in the market.


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Smart Lighting

Smart lighting1.???? The design concept and purposeTo meet various requirements in the different environment for the user in the largest extent, and improve, facilitate live. The system could realize intelligent energy-saving, efficient management, and shortcut information technology operations.The system can automatically adjust the lighting based on the illumination time, brightness, color, function and purpose in different areas. The intelligent lighting system could create a comfortable living or working environment and the ideal lighting effect, meanwhile generate a modern management method.2.???? The application rangeThe large plant factory, hotel, large factory, airport, office building, stadium, parking lot, and supermarket and so on.3.???? The system feature?? Achieve the humane lighting control.?? Improve the working environment, saving-energy, and extend lamps life.?? Comfort, convenience, and informatization.?? Easy operation, convenient installation.4.???? The working principleThe program is accorded to the web of things and sensor technology, realizing the system automatically controls lighting. By smartphone APPs, computer, remotely adjust the brightness and color lighting equipment.5.???? The component and function of? the system ?? The ZigBee module and light bulbs?? The smart gateway ?? The APP operating software and scene controller?? The function for the system1)????? Remote control:Remote control the smart lamp via the cloud.2)????? Lighting Control: In order to satisfy the various requirement for users, changing the illumination with the around environment via the setting.3)????? Color Control: the light can suit the scene requirements, changing different colors via the setting.4)????? A variety of integration: supporting for multiple communication interfaces and related communication protocol, which facilitates the user to manage the various control system in the controlled area.5)????? Energy savings: control light intensity, reducing the unnecessary waste of electricity.6.???? The introduction of the system equipment7.???? The cooperative partner

Energy Saving

Energy conservation/saving and emissions reduction1.???? The design concept and purposeElectricity is widely used in all walks of life, and is a large energy consumption energy, which occupies a large proportion of total operating costs.The most feasible and effective way to decrease operation cost is save electricity, which is the most feasible, effective, fastest, and direct.Energy saving system apples the modern computer programs to achieve the purpose to control the entire system automatically. Meanwhile the automatic control system make full use of natural light sources to execute? illumination and infrared sensors, which could achieve comprehensive energy saving. By wireless and sensor technology, the application area can make accurate and timely response to the real-time information, status, and circuit fault. The system is beneficial to management and promotes the realization of the unattended system development.The development cycle is short, and the system is safe and reliable, and easy to install and operate. The system can directly save the cost savings for businesses, which can improve efficiency and safe management. From economical point of view, the computer monitoring energy saving system is superior and cost-effective.2.???? The application rangeThe large plant factory, hotel, large factory, airport, office building, stadium, parking lot, and supermarket and so on.3.???? The system features?? Energy saving, environmental protection, economic?? Intelligent, reliable, practical?? Automatic control, energy management, performance monitoring, fault warning?? Illumination sensors, infrared sensors, integrated saving-energy4.???? The application caseHow much of the energy can be saved when apples the intelligent technology system?1)????? The office, at least 70%2)????? The parking lot, at least 80%5.???? The product specifications and circuit diagram6.???? The install operation procedure7.???? The cooperative partner

Smart Agriculture

Smart agricultureBased on the wireless sensor networks system, the precision agriculture system has more development potential, which can get farmland and aquaculture information with wireless, and realize real-time transmission, remote monitoring, and improve efficiency. At the same time, the system could provide more decision information and technical support to users. The entire system could apply the remote management.The system establishes a wireless network monitoring platform, which can comprehensive monitoring and executes accurate control on the water, fertilizer, light, illness for agriculture products and purification, oxygen concentration for aquaculture. The wireless, intelligent and automation system could achieve the purpose to save water, energy, and high-yield.The wisdom agriculture online information system could offer online consulting and guide, share experience to standardize species/ aquaculture management.1.???? The application rangeEconomic crops, livestock and aquaculture.2.???? The system feature?? Remote control and diagnostics, standardized and intensive management, and intelligent monitoring.?? Improve efficiency and cost savings.?? Realize automatic perception, smart alerts, intelligent analysis and decision-making, expert online guide to the agricultural production environment.?? Intensification, high-yield, efficiency, ecological protection and safety.3.???? The working principle 2? Agriculture????Sensor Wireless transmission Cloud Gateway the internet Cloud service mobile internet the client2? Aquaculture???Sensor?????????? wireless transmission????????? equipment4.???? The cooperative partner

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